Try Our FREE Flag Football Camp!
Try Our FREE Flag Football Camp!

Recreational Flag Football (U5-U11)

Rec Flag Football (U5-U11)


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At SSC we strive to develop well-rounded players that understand the importance of having fun at every sport they play. By joining a team at SSC, your child will benefit from the meaningful relationships they build with other players while they excel towards a common goal: to grow into a stronger person on and off the field both physically and mentally.

play for fun!

We believe that a fun atmosphere should be essential to all recreational sports. Our coaches and SSC staff do their very best to encourage the participation of all players no matter their skill level.


Why is camp free? Our mission is to return the focus to fun in youth sports, and too often kids are only given the opportunity to play a single sport. We are giving back so they can learn another. By using different muscles, it can improve their overall athletic ability, and the variety in training can help prevent injuries and burnout.

For ages 5+, both beginners and experienced players can enjoy this week-long camp led by our instructors to include skills, drills, and games. Our camps are 90 minutes long, as this is the maximum amount of time most elementary aged children are able to focus on one subject. Led by our core values, we truly want your child to learn, have fun and develop a lifelong enjoyment of the game.

After a fun week of camp, we do hope you join us back on the field for our fall season!